Covid Cases vs. Deaths

Introduction I have a macabre fascination with tracking the course of the COVID-19 pandemic. I suspect there are two reasons for this. One, by delving into the numbers I imagine I have some control over this thing. Second, it feels like lighting a candle to show that science can reveal truth at a time when the darkness of anti-science is creeping across the land. The purpose of this project is, as usual, twofold.

What Do The Ramones Want?

Recently I saw a tweet that shared this hilarious poster of Ramones “wants”. Dan Gneiding (aka Grayhood) is the graphic designer who created this. You can buy it here Very cool, but how accurate is it? I asked Dan and says he took some artistic license, as he should! You may accuse me of being that pedantic “Comic Book Guy” from “The Simpsons” but, when I saw it, I immediately wondered how I could tally these Ramones lyrics myself or, rather, get R to do it for me.

Where Are The Libertarians?

…or… The Tough Road Ahead for Howard Schultz …or… My Preconceived Notions Are Shattered At the risk of losing half my readers in the first paragraph, I’ll share my political views. Generally, I believe in “free people and free markets.” That makes me a small-L libertarian. I stress “generally” does not mean everywhere, all the time. I find it useful to think of, not a political spectrum from left to right, but a compass with four points.