New Winter Sports for New Countries

Looking at Winter Olympic Medal Rankings by Vintage of Sport Introduction Norway is a tiny country that punches way above its weight in the Winter Olympic medal count. We are not surprised as those folks are practically born on skis. At the same time, toussle-haired surfer dudes and dudettes from the US seem to be all over the hill when snowboards are involved. Notably, the sports where the US is most visible are sports which arose fairly recently.

Live Fast, Die Young, Stay Pretty?

Analyzing deaths of rock musicians Live fast, die young, stay pretty? That’s the stereotype for rockers, or it was. We only need to look at Keith Richards, over 70 and going strong, to find a major counterexample. Do rockers die young? What do they die of? How does that compare to the broader population (in the U.S., anyway). It turns out there are some suprising answers to those questions.

Plumbing the Depths of My Soul (in Facebook)

First post! Let’s start out nice and easy. No big data machine learning or heavy stats. This post will merely explore the depths of my soul through a meta-analysis of every one of my Facebook posts. Meta-navel gazing, if you will. Perhaps you are not all that interested in the plumbing the depths of my soul. Still, you may be interested in seeing how you can do an analyis of your own Facebook life in the comfort of your own home.